Mobile Design Pattern Gallery by Theresa Neil

For whom it may concern mobile application development, this singular book can really help to understand how a developer can organize and represent informations inside the implementing app.

In fact, the scope of this book is really just this. To help mobile developer to reduce effort having ideas about templates, allocation and information architecture to create a successful app with a great level of usability.

To implement an app using tips and templates exposed inside this book, any reader should understand how to replicate and adapt his requirements to that idea. Indeed, this book is not limited to design part, but contains patterns definition and a lot of other tips and suggestion of how to create and model own app.

Main mobile platforms treated are, of course, iOs, Android and Windows Phone, but any concept can be easily rearranged to target any mobile platform.

In brief, this is a very good reference guide to have for any mobile developer involved in creating a powerful and “easy to use” app.

Book is available here.

Mobile Design Pattern Gallery by Theresa Neil