Designing APIs for the Web (Mike Amundsen, O’Reilly Media)

I have had the opportunity to follow the course “Designing APIs for the Web” in which the lecturer is Mike Amudsen, who talks about Design Considerations, Tooling, and Implementation Models with SOAP, HTTP, and REST.

It is a really interesting course, more and more interesting that I actually could suppose.

It represent a great journey between the aspects to consider when API layer is required in an organization, even if this is targeted to a product or a service, as for internal as for external use.

Mike Amudsen is a very clear lecturer and his ability to explain complex topics as simple concepts makes this course really impressive.

The course is well structured in chapters, and every one of these are independent and not strictly related to others, so everyone can be viewed and viewed again singularly, and everyone affronts and explains a single slice of the whole cake of arguments.

Mike is able to explain with very simple words, explaining a lot of concepts and behavior to have or to avoid when anyone need to clearly have in mind when implementing APIs.

After listening any chapter, your first impression could be: “but, wait, he’s talking about good sense, he’s talking of organization, all of these things are obvious!” but in second step, when you realize that all of these “obvious” concepts are so easily neglected in every day’s work, at the end you will think: “That’s great!”.

I would recommend this course to designers and architects that are meaning to implement an API layer for their products or services, even if any developer can benefit of this knowledge in every day’s work.

It was really a great experience for me “attending” at this course, and I think I surely will return back to view some chapters from a while to while, because in my opinion these are very well-done lessons!

If you are interested, you can find the course here.

Designing APIs for the Web (Mike Amundsen, O’Reilly Media)