Developing Microsoft® SharePoint® Applications Using Windows Azure™ by Steve Fox

Developing Microsoft® SharePoint® Applications Using Windows Azure™ by Steve FoxThis book clearly explains the points of contact and possible integration between Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 and Windows Azure™.

It begins with a series of introductory chapters, using products and technologies characteristics, to introduce reader to most interesting concepts for the purpose of the book.

Successive chapters are focused on techniques to allow data access and consuming, and other interesting methods to understand how to implement applications and web parts using both components.

The examples inside the book represent a good entry point on the route to this kind of integration, and are explained so well through code and screenshots that guides the developer on his steps to follow to accomplish the objectives.

If I should define a defect for this book, then it is its brevity. I think that a deep understanding of this kind of integration is not possibile with this number of pages. So this could be a starting point but will not be exhaustive to define himself an “expert”.

At the end, I think this is a good reference to have always on own desk, the target reader is in my humble opinion should be a developer focused on SharePoint 2010 (better if senior developer but not mandatory) and must have known basic concepts about Azure and its platform. Also a basic skill on WCF could be useful for correct understanding of some paragraphs and examples.

You can buy the book here.

Developing Microsoft® SharePoint® Applications Using Windows Azure™ by Steve Fox

O’Reilly Blogger Review Program

It really sounds good, so I want to share my opinion about this program, that I agreed just today.

O’Reilly offers free e-books copy to people owning a blog that wants to review the copy received with a post on his blog. You can read the book and share your opinion to the world.

I asked to receive this book. For whom it may concern, this is the link to agree to the program.

Great job O’Reilly!

O’Reilly Blogger Review Program